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Folkerdey 2021

 26. Juni 2021, 14 Uhr



Your Way to the Festival

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The location

whrere all the magic happens

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culinary delights

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About the festival


Folkerdey is different, folkerdey is unique!
The Festival is now in its 13th year and we’re still overwhelmed by its huge success and what has become of this wonderful event that once began as a small concert and session…

Bring your family, tell your friends and enjoy authentic music in a lush green environment. Chill in the afternoon with a blanket on the lawn and enjoy the live music from stage, providing an apt setting. Grab a bite to eat and a drink in the afternoon sun as you say hello to old and new friends.

As it gets darker the headlining acts make you want to dance until midnight when – if you’re still up for it – the live music session at the grand fire will make you want to sing and dance until the sun rises. What a wonderful day! Don’t believe us? Come and try it for yourself!

children program

play and tinker
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Go Green

Folkerdey relies on social and ecological commitment

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Folkerdey Teamwork

Enthusiasts at work
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Shuttle Service

A shuttle service is provided by the company UKF which runs every 15 minutes until the early morning hours and costs 2€.
Drop off points include the main parking lot of the Volkardeyer Lake as well as the tram stations “Felderhof” and “Europaring”, from where you may continue your safe journey home.

26.Juni 2021


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00:00 Uhr Session am Lagerfeuer
Folkerdey-buttons are available for 10€ at the box office on the festival site. There are no advance ticket sales!
Kids under 13 enter free of charge and receive a special kids-button!

admission charge

  • Best music on 2 stages
  • Kids area with fun and games
  • Nature all around
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  • … das Ambiente ist hier einfach unvergleichlich.

    Westdeutsche Zeitung
  • … ein Festival für jedes Alter.

    Rheinische Post









The now three-year cooperation between Folkerdey Festival and Stadtwerke Ratingen ensures that it is actually only “unplugged” on stage!
With financial support for the stage, joint advertising space, electric transport cars and rain-proof pavilions, „Stadtwerke Ratingen“ is helping the Folkerdey team in an energetic way. Thank you very much!